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Mr. Agarwal is the co-founder and Board Member of ANMsoft Technologies. A strong visionary, Mr. Agarwal has 14 years of technology and software expertise which has successfully guided ANMsoft into becoming a leading and specialized software technology provider. Currently, Mr. Agarwal's responsibilities include key-alliances, process initiatives, sales, business development and delivery of the offshore and software projects. He also heads the business analysis and is involved in the day to day operations of ANMsoft's offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Seattle. With ANMsoft, he has created a team of 200+ like minded technology professionals and has encouraged a world class and superior work culture within the organization. A top of the class graduate engineer from IIT Kanpur, Mr. Agarwal holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota. His first engagement was with Waferscale Inc., USA where he, along with his colleagues, held patents in the flash chip design. His first venture in software was when he co-founded and took over as the CEO of the newly formed business enterprise "Design Expo Private Limited". Where within a period of 3 years, he expanded the company to 125 team operations, handling multiple skill sets and gaining foothold into financial domain. In 2001, after the acquisition of Design Expo, he took over as the head of bid management and pre- Sales for SLMsoft Inc. where he was primarily responsible for making winning bids. Apart from the ANMsoft's software service offerings, Mr. Agarwal is the brain behind the establishment of ANMsoft's e-commerce shopping platform offering OctaShop ( This is an online platform which allows large businesses / retailers / online businesses to offer an online shopping capability through their brand to online users. Mr. Agarwal is a sports enthusiast and follows world cinema in his free time. In the mornings, if not in office, he is likely to be engaged in aerobics or swimming, as he strongly believes that a heTitlehy mind resides in a heTitlehy body.
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