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Welcome to the World of ANMsoft Technologies
At ANM, we always seek the best and brightest to be part of our team. If you are a dynamic individual seeking an environment where you can develop and expand your technical and creative expertise, we have a vast number of opportunities available for you. The work we do requires a certain type of person: passionate individual focused on Research and Delivery. ANM is constantly looking out for the best of technical, passionate and creative minds to lead diverse positions at their different offices. ANM welcomes high energy, innovative and team oriented individuals with a high work ethic who wish to make a difference in the Technology World.
Working With Us?
Great organizations are built by exceptional people. We consider every person we hire to be exceptional and responsible for a leadership position. Over the years, we have undertaken several people-centric initiatives to bring about a high performance, challenging & congenial working environment.
  • We have several processes that help our people enhance their potential. Flexibility and informality is an integral part of our work culture.
  • The Work Environment is stimulating, creative, open and informal and is based on teamwork, mutual trust and equality for all.
  • The open work environment gives each team member ready access to be experts in their fields, thus providing great learning opportunities.
  • Our people are exposed to a huge variety of globally challenging projects across diverse business and technology practices. Each project engagement offers unique opportunities to improve business processes with the help of technology.
We also make every effort to ensure career development opportunities that help our people to trace their own career paths. A vibrant, stimulating and open culture has made our people deliver their best performance at all times.
Hence, empowerment represents a well-defined growth path. We encourage all our team members to take up responsibilities at early stages of their evolving careers. This is possible through well-defined processes where in every team member is inspired to take up leadership roles. We also motivate them by offering "Rewards and Recognitions
We have three divisions in U.S., Delhi and New Bombay respectively. This global presence enables us to be close to our clients at client locations in different countries.
What is in it for you?
  • A fast paced career with global exposure to best business practicesDo you like being on the right
  • Careers across diverse business and technology domains
  • A world class training environment which facilitates growth of the individual
  • A vibrant and open door approach where hierarchies do not matter.

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