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Basically the client approached ANMsoft for the accounting System for the Hospitality industries as they already had a system which was written in Virtual Basic 6 with the new requirements changes and to convert the entire virtual basic 6 system to a modern language as the existing system was not scalable and such concerns were also raised by those customers of clients also . Hence so that the further development will increases the life of the System.

So ANMsoft with its expertise and experience in the Software domain decided to solve client's problem developing the Accounting package.

  • a. Reduces the time Allocated to the accounting function.
  • b. Quick review for financial Health and performance of multiple properties
  • c. Improve accuracy of income data and statistics.
  • d. Communicate more efficiently among the corporate office and properties


  • Accurate General Ledger -Privilege-based login access to software product is available to multiple hotel associates across the country. This allows accounting associates at various locations to have access to accurate general ledger information at all times.
  • Vendor Management- Database of approved company vendors with appropriate tax and IRS forms, including W-9, 1099 and 1096. Each approved vendor can be assigned to specific accounts within the general ledger, reducing the number of invoices posted to the wrong account. Complete vendor reports are available showing total amount paid to vendor and compliance reports for general ledger accounts.
  • Invoice Database- Online digital database of all invoices and A/P related documents available when scanned directly into the software, eliminating the need for mailing, filing and keeping paper copies of invoices. All invoice data can be viewed by any hotel associates with proper log in access.
  • Record, Prepare, Log & Report Checks- Vendors have the ability to choose payment type from check, new "cash back" Virtual Credit Card. Check copies are available in system and can be emailed directly from the software for reporting purposes, eliminating the need to keep a log of hard copies of checks.

ANMsoft Solution

ANMsoft took over the development challenge and started with business requirements through a business analysis.

ANM team scope up the functionalities and performance of the Accounting package and change the entire client system from the existing Virtual Basic 6 to a Dot net platform with the new implementations asked by the client's like-

  • a. Scalability by web services
  • b. Run Immediate, same day daily and statistic reports.
  • c. View cash flow, control inventories and labour cost in real time
  • d. Track construction budget to actual cost
  • e. Create a accurate forecast based on the history of reports
  • f. Manage and track tax.


ANMsoft delivered a Hospitality Accounting package solution is one of the best solutions with the well defined process flow and is benchmarked for the technology by other accounting packages in hospitality Industry. The clients have frequently appreciated ANMsoft work mentioning the Cost Factor that ANMsoft covers.

The Other factor that the Accounting package covers are -

  • a. The Reporting System was very easy to customize by the use of .NET and can be customized even by a Non Tech guy.
  • b. Better performance
  • c. Scalability
  • d. The open Source .NET and MySQL reduced the extra license cost.
  • e.The system architecture was the converted to the web service which also saved the citrix high licensing cost
  • f. Reduced labour hour by at least 160 hour per week
  • g. Reduced the time required to reconcile with the bank to less than 5 Minutes.
  • h. Greater accountancy among the staffs and more flexibility of reports .






Designing Tool

Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server Manage Net Studio

Application server

IIS 7.5


SQL Server, Database independence

Version control

TFS 2010

Defect Tracking


Project Management

MS Visio, Ace Project


Manual Testing

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