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Basically the ANMsoft E-travel Domain Ontratech uses 3rd party software for accounting. The clients were facing some trouble and bad experience related to the third party accounting package which failed to fulfill all the clients' needs. ANMsoft wanted to replace the third party accounting software to provide a end to end e-travel expertise to the clients by developing a accounting product for the travel industry because though there are many accounting products in the market there are very few stable for the Travel industry . i.e for air, hotels, train and car.

So ANMsoft with its expertise and experience in the Software domain decided to solve client's problem developing the Accounting package.

· Travel Agency & Online travel domain expertise

· Rapid deployment capability and project execution skills

· Solutions scalability and proximity using the .NET


The clients required-

· Organization Structure support

  • Integration Layer

· Platform with architecture needs as audit and security framework, Building up of Org hierarchy and implementing security.

· Relationship among Org and Accounting basics as Period, COA, GL, JE, Sub ledgers of Air, Hotel, Car and Train and reports.All reports as trial balance, PL, balance sheet, income statement

· Air Specific as GDS Settlement (from date to date is locked i.e. period is locked i.e. it can be weekly, monthly, bi monthly, quarterly),

· Accounting for cash and credit scenarios.

· All External Interaction to the app using web service.

ANMsoft Solution

ANMsoft took over the development challenge and started with business requirements through a series of brainstorming meetings.

ANM team scope up the functionalities and performance of the Accounting package with OMS it being was one of most critical module for the implementation.

ANMsoft best practices in Analysis, Architecting, Project Management, Quality Control and development helped launch the application by fulfilling all the business requirement in the challenging timeframes.


ANMsoft delivered a Accounting package solution is one of the best solution with the well defined process flow and is benchmarked for the technology by other accounting packages in Travel Industry. The clients have frequently appreciated ANMsoft work mentioning the Cost Factor that ANMsoft covers.

The Other factor that the Accounting package covers are -

· The .NET suited the SOA Architecture and Domain Driven Design which was proposed

· Better performance

· Database independency

  • Scalability

· The open Source .NET reduced the extra license cost.





Designing Tool

Visual Studio 2010,MySQL Workbench 5.2CE

Application server

IIS 7.5



Version control


Defect Tracking


Project Management

MS Visio, Ace Project


Manual Testing

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