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Dedicated team for Offshore Product Technology Migration in North America

Client Overview

A Leading global financial solution provider in North America (Canada).


The client is a well established provider of Transaction switching, Credit, debit and smart card solution, Internet banking and retail banking solution to banks and financial institutions globally. All of these solutions were developed using C/ C++ technology which was limiting scalability and adoption for leading banks. They requirement was to upgrade the existing technology to the advanced J2EE platform along with migration and implementation services to deploy and customize these solutions for their customers.

ANMsoft Solution

A dedicated offshore software development team with J2EE experts was put in place. The team worked on the conversion of the Transaction Switching software, Credit Card solution, Retail Banking solution and the Internet Banking solution from C/C++ to J2EE technology

Though the conversion process was complex and time consuming, the team followed strict quality, version control guidelines and process methodologies. Moreover, the team also upgraded the functionality of the existing product as per the client’s requirements

A rigorous Quality Assurance and Testing was performed and the performance of the final product was validated before release.


The client saved over 10 million USD in software development cost. Apart from the successful migration from C / C++ to J2EE, ANMsoft also helped them in numerous implementations in Africa and Middle East.

EJB 1.1

Servlet 2.2



XML Parser - Xerces, Xalan

Java Data Objects


Application Server : Any flavor of UNIX e.g. Solaris/Linux/AIX etc

Language : JDK1.4.1

Operating System : Windows, Linux

Database : Oracle8i,Oracle 9i

Tools : TogetherJ, JEdit, VIM, JProfiler

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