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Dedicated team for the World’s Largest POS Company

Client Overview

World’s largest end-to-end POS terminal and digital solutions provider operating in 100 global locations


The requirement was to offer Petro cards as loyTitley applications for financial institutions, governments, organizations and businesses. This required the conversion and enhancement of an existing application to a secure POS terminal. The process involved Petro card, fleet card and batch settlement with the central server which would be done by resources skilled in C, C++ technology.

ANMsoft Solution

A team of Project Manager and Software Developers with expertise in the banking domain and C, C++ competency was put in place. Functional Specifications and Designs to be implemented were provided by the client.

An Outer Payment Terminal (OPT) similar to an ATM was set up. The OPT is attached to the terminals hence there is not need of contact with the central server during every interaction.

The team was onsite during the initial development and worked offsite in the later phases. The coding, QA and integration of the POS application with finesse resulted in a supreme, secure and swift application.

ANMsoft ensured frequent onsite visits by a Software Developer to facilitate installation of the application after the development. The application was tested and certified by the transaction certification company. The relationship is strong and the enhancements are still in progress.

This enhancement will boost the application and help their customers save time during every interaction. Moreover, it would also provide various utilities related to access control to the user.


ANM helped the client create a cost effective application with the high quality that maintains our client’s standard. We also cherish the relationship with the client and have number of business opportunities which strengthens it further more.

Tools: C, C++, my SQL

Technology: C, C++ open system

Developer Tools: Microsoft visual studio 2005

Database: my SQL server
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