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Online Shopping Portal for the Largest Media House in India.

Client Overview

The client is the largest and recognized media house of India. The client has emerged as India's foremost web entity, with diverse portals and niche websites. The client provides one of the most popular internet and mobile value added services in India.


The Client required a comprehensive ecommerce platform which can empowers him to build its retail business Client was eager to launch a base platform which is flexible enough to incorporate future enhancements on top of it.

Octashop Solution

Keeping the clients requirement of early delivery and future enhancements of the product in mind, a Modular architecture was planned for the development of the platform. This approach would enable the addition of new features and functions in the future to make the offering more market driven and configurable.

An online store front was developed which was equipped with features such as Search, User Account, Promotions, Cataloguing, Categorization, Shopping Cart and Checkout Process. Various other features and functionalities such as affiliates, memberships, schemes, call center manageability were subsequently designed and developed a phased manner and implemented to enhance the offering.

A Merchant Management System was developed to coordinate with partners and vendors and manage the procurement cycle. The merchant solution developed as a white label offering which enable the client to offer the application front end to be customized by his merchants and use a common application back end to manage all the processing for all the merchants. This approach helped in generation of an additional source of revenue for the client.

To support the orders an Order Management System was developed to accept the orders and manage them in a simple and easy manner. A reporting console was embedded in the OMS which supported the generation of various reports in multiple formats.


The timely delivery and the performance of the solution are highly appreciated by the client. Today the client host one of most successful ecommerce websites in Indian market. An experienced team of domain experts and skilled J2EE professionals was deployed for developing the platform as per the business needs of the client.

After implementing the solution ANM signed more projects with the client for developing other modules on top of the platform given. The various modules are developed and running successfully on the delivered system for more than 3+ years.

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