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ANM's forte lies in its technical strengths. The company employs approximately 35 professionals of which over 15 are from the Indian Institute of Technology, one of the premier engineering institutes in India. The company's employees are an extremely motivated team and take pride in the technologies they develop. The company has instilled in its staff wide ranging skill sets which include knowledge of various operating systems, web based and object oriented languages and several technologies in the Internet space.

ANM focuses on developing solutions using open systems and object-oriented languages. Our resources have considerable experience in developing open systems based solutions that are standards based, reliable and very scaleable. Some of the key advantages to our client resulting from such expertise are:

Portable/Vendor Neutral :

The developed solution will run on any Unix platform.

Database Independent :

Any industry standard relational database can be used. However, Oracle is the de-facto standard for financial applications worldwide and is recommended. The relational database system can be configured to use replication features to ensure that the contingency system database is kept up to date at all times.

Communications Independent :

There will be no constraints in the architecture that preclude the use of any communications protocol.

Modular Architecture :

The entire solution is designed so that changes in one module have no effect on other modules. New modules can be added without service disruption.

Standards Based Interfaces :

Standardised ISO 8583 message format is used to communicate between different host systems if required. Other ANSI and ISO standards are also. As to the user interfaces, XML is the message standard used in the EJB-compliant architecture. The results of this approach manifest themselves in lower training costs, faster development cycles and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Object-oriented Design :

This feature permits our developers to take advantage of code reuse. The result is faster development time while simultaneously maintaining a low incidence of defects.

Multi-tiered architecture :

This design approach permits us to achieve high scalability as well as a separation of presentation, business logic, and data. This facilitates the rapid deployment of different presentation layers to accommodate internationalization features with respect to language as well as look and feel of interfaces

Scalable :

The solutions that ANM develops scale both "vertically", by increasing the processing power of the server and "horizontally", by distributing the workload across multiple servers. Furthermore, resource pooling is also used throughout the application helping to contribute to scalability. This pooling covers database connections, business objects, threads, and communication connections.

Secure :

ANM ensures that security is maintained for all information being accessed through the developed solution. ANM resources have vast experience in using common cryptographic methods (DES, 3DES and variety of host security modules). Role-based, finely grain security, in the user interfaces down to the field level can also be developed as per client requirements. Our open security architecture allows for the use of all standard security algorithms and infrastructures

Reliability :

ANM make sure that the solutions we develop have high reliability and performance. Normally the complete solution will be based on J2EE architecture and can scale across multiple servers

High Application and System Availability (24x7) :

We design application with several features to ensure maximum system availability. These features act independently from any hardware fault tolerance or operating system enhancements made by hardware vendor. The developed solutions can be deployed on fault tolerant and high availability Unix platforms like IBM RS/6000. These systems can be configured in a clustered mode for backup and fault tolerance

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