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ANMSOFT Expertise

We Are open source Software Expert

ANMsoft advocates of open source ethos and democratization of technology with consummate evaluation of your requirements and a comprehensive engagement with all the open Source platforms. We provide Custom Drupal, Joomla, and Magento open Source with CMS Development, extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services that cater to myriad industry verticals.

The versatility in open Source allows us to create anything for you. E-Commerce website, community discussion forum, corporate or business website, intranet application, personal website or blog, you name it and we have it

Fully customizable

We offer a full range of open source services including migrating existing systems to open frameworks, custom open source-based software development, open source software customization and implementation, and consulting and training services. Open-source customization services can be provided for a range of system requirements including e-commerce, e-learning, content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM). We start by reviewing your business requirements and then match them with the best fit open source option and then customizing and implementing the solution.

Our services include:

1 Open Source software integration

2 Open Source customization

3 Design integration

4 New features development

5 Maintenance and support

6 Migration to other platforms

7 Open Source software management

Open Source Migration

ANMsoft delivers expertise in successfully migrating to open source software. Our proven software development practices and technical expertise with open source software enables clients to migrate from their current systems to open source options with minimal down-time, security issues, business rules violations, and unplanned expenses.

Based upon our rich experience in Open Source software, ANMsoft will provide you with the most efficient, and cost-effective solution possible for your needs

Hosts & Network Interchanges

ANM resources have experience in working with multiple hosts and international network interchanges. For host connectivity any combination of transports including leased lines, dial lines, packet switching, and VSAT can be configured and deployed. Some of the hosts with which our resources have interfaced with include:

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Security Techniques

ANM resources have worked with multiple techniques for transaction security and fraud control. Some of these are:

Multiple security keys

Pin Generation

Encryption key exchange process

Message authentication

DES key management

Interface to security devices

Message Authentication

Message Authentication Codes (MAC)

Triple DES

EMV upgrades to support VSDC and other products

PIN verification

SET gateway interface

SSL gateway interface

Accesses to all GUI screens of system are password protected. Only users with suitable authentication and authorization can accesses system screens. All user-performed changes are fully logged for the purpose of establishing an audit trail. Along with the details of the changes performed by the user, the date, time and user-id are also recorded.
Our resources have also developed interfaces to physically secure devices. These devices are used for all system encryption and decryption tasks such as:
PIN verification
PIN block translation
PIN creation
Message Authentication
Key exchange and generation
PIN mailer production
HSMs can be connected to the system using the TCP/IP communication protocol. Asynchronous protocol can be used with the HSM. Multiple HSMs can also be used to improve transaction throughput.

Communication Protocal

ANM resources have worked with numerous communication protocols for remote process communication and external connectivity. This provides our clients with the unparalleled flexibility to choose the desired communication protocol for a particular message interface. Apart from the normal TCP/IP and X.25 communication protocol used to communicate with the attached systems and devices, some of the other communication drivers where our resources have expertise are:

Burroughs TC500
X.25 and its variants
BSC 3780
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