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ANM resources have worked with multiple techniques for transaction security and fraud control. Some of these are:

Multiple security keys Pin Generation
Encryption key exchange process Message authentication
DES key management Interface to security devices
Message Authentication Message Authentication Codes (MAC)
Triple DES EMV upgrades to support VSDC and other products
PIN verification SET gateway interface
SSL gateway interface
Accesses to all GUI screens of system are password protected. Only users with suitable authentication and authorization can accesses system screens. All user-performed changes are fully logged for the purpose of establishing an audit trail. Along with the details of the changes performed by the user, the date, time and user-id are also recorded.
Our resources have also developed interfaces to physically secure devices. These devices are used for all system encryption and decryption tasks such as:
PIN verification
PIN block translation
PIN creation
Message Authentication
Key exchange and generation
PIN mailer production
HSMs can be connected to the system using the TCP/IP communication protocol. Asynchronous protocol can be used with the HSM. Multiple HSMs can also be used to improve transaction throughput.
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