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Application Servers
ANMsoft has developed expertise in installing; configuring and managing various database servers such as Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server, DB2, mySQL and miniSQL. Our professionals have designed and deployed databases handling Terabytes of data and millions of transaction a day. ANMsoft understands and has deTitle with requirements of Database Mirroring, Replication and other management aspects.

Our expertise in various file systems such as FAT, EXT2, EXT3, NTFS and WAFL has not only helped in fine tuning various databases in different operating systems but also in devising a proper backup and security strategy.

  • ANM personnel has technical expertise in all the industry standards database systems like Oracle, Mini SQL, mySQL, DB2, Informix and also including the open source ones like Berkeley DB.
Operating Systems Our fundamental understanding of the working and internals of various operating systems like UNIX, its variants such as Solaris, BSD, SCO, Linux and variants of Windows (NT/2000/XP/CE) has enabled us in taking advantage of various features of operating systems for better performance and robust application development.
  • Operating System: Any flavor of UNIX e.g. Solaris/Linux/AIX. Linux is used as the default operating system during the development phase.
Programming Language & Scripting ANM professionals have in-depth expertise in Object Oriented languages like Java and C++ along with C and other interpreted languages such as PERL, Python, Tcl/Tk, AWK, Sed and Shell Scripting in UNIX and Windows environment. ANM has extensive development experience in technologies like CGI, Servlet, ActiveX, Applet and Server Side Parsing using PHP3, SHTML, JSP and ASP.

With the standardization of the format for the structured document and data, ANM has used the XML and XSL standards extensively for all the communication between its software modules and components. Our software architects use advanced programming features such as Multithreading, Preforking, Mutual Exclusion and File Locking, various forms of Inter Process Communication like Shared memory management, Message Queues and FIFO to provide scalable and reliable solution to business problems

  • Back end Languages: C, C++, Java
  • Front end Languages: HTML, Java Script, XML, WML
  • Socket Programming: TCP/IP, POP, SMTP, IMAP, LDAP, UDP
  • Server Side Parsing: SHTML, JSP, PHP3
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