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Spring Framework is an open source application framework for the JAVA platform. It is the most popular and most ambitious of the lightweight frameworks. It is the only one to address all architectural tiers of a typical J2EE application and the only one to offer a comprehensive range of services, as well as lightweight container. ANM has developed expertise in SPRING technology Framework to provide cutting edge solution to its client. The following are the key benefits of SPRING Framework-:
SPRING'S Benefits :

Inversion of Control Container.

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) Framework.

Data Access Abstraction.

JDBC Simplification.

Transaction Management.

MVC Web Framework.

Simplification for Working with JNDI, JTA & other J2EE APIs.

Lightweight Remoting.

JMS Support.

JMX Support.

Supports for a comprehensive Testing Strategy for Application Developers.

SPRING'S Values :
To make most effective use of SPRING, it is important to understand the motivation behind it. SPRING partly owes its success to its being based on clear vision & remaining true to that vision as its scope has expanded. The key SPRING values can be summarized as-

SPRING is a non-invasive framework.

SPRING provides a consistent programming model & it can be usable in any environment.

SPRING aims to promote code reuse.

SPRING facilitate Object Oriented Design in J2EE applications.

SPRING aims to facilitate well programming practice, such as programming to Interfaces rather than classes.

SPRING promote plug ability.

SPRING facilitates the extraction of configuration values from JAVA code to XML or properties files.

SPRING is designed so that applications using it are as easy as possible to test.

SPRING is consistent.

SPRING promotes architectural choice.

SPRING dose not reinvent the wheel.

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