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ANM offers a full range of services in outsourcing and software development, which comprise of product design and offshore software development for enterprise and B2B systems.

The company has extensive experience in working with multiple global clients and domains in product development and projects based assignments. ANM's portfolio of offshore services comprises of offshore software development for product and solutions companies in the Financial, messaging, Travel, E-Com based development arena.
ANM uses a superior engagement model to deliver its customers with a time tested offshore services. ANM offers a unique value proposition by utilizing the best offshore practices which it has gathered over a period of time.
We offer you a world class infrastructure, the technology, domain expertise and a time tested and streamlined offshore process, along with the skilled resources for your requirements. ANM also offers immense scalability on the resources, infrastructure and offshore model. This can help your business to scale up or down according to your requirements to provide immediate or phased development objectives at a favorable cost structure.
This offshore development model allows you to control your development and IT costs on the following fronts


Software development

Scaling of resources

Project management

Salient Features of ANM provided Dedicated Offshore Development Teams

We specialize as an offshore development centre wherein requirement based dedicated resources are provided

All required infrastructure for effective offshore development is provided.

Ability to ramp up and ramp down resources

Client specified development processes adopted.

Project management by the client or ANM.

Regular reporting and account management.

Onsite coordinator for large projects

ANM Offshore Development Process

OffshoreDevelopmentInfrastructure"> Offshore Development Infrastructure Creation

Knowledge Transfer

Offshore Transition Process

Global Delivery Model

OffshoreProjectManagementTools"> Offshore Project Management Tools

Offshore Development Infrastructure

Establishing Virtual Private Network (VPN) with 24 hour connectivity

Establishing of a Project Control Office (PCO)

Inter office communication methodology

Centralized CVS Access

Tools for Offshore Management

Database and QA Servers

Legal Employees

Admin Help desk for Travel and hotel bookings

Knowledge Transfer

Initial Knowledge Transfer

Application specific domain knowledge

Application Architecture

Development Processes and Tools

Development Environment Setup

Ongoing Project Knowledge Transfer

Project Documents like SRS

Project Deliverables

Task Allocations

Further Development Environment Setup if required
Offshore Transition Process
title="Offshore Transition Process" border="0" />
Global Delivery Model
Offshore Project Management Tools/strong>

Online Resource Control Manager

Our online resource control tool helps our client view and perform resource assignments. They can also view the past experience of the resources along with their resumes to make a more informed assignment. Resources are assigned for a time period along with details on tasks they will be performing. Emails can be sent automatically to project managers and other concerned people on a resource allocation or deallocation. A cost can be assigned to every resource and expenses for a project can be tracked on a monthly basis.

Offshore development Engagement models

Projects being executed at the offshore development centre can either be managed by the client or can be managed by ANM.

Client Managed

ANM provides the client with resources and infrastructure for offshore development. The Client allocates tasks, manages the projects and deliverables from the teams at ANM locations. All processes, including the development process, quality management systems, standards and norms used in such a facility are as per definitions from the Client. This is successful model for large projects, which are ongoing in nature such as, Customer Support, Enhancements, and QA related software projects.

The Client Managed Model gives you total control for managing your project as per your requirements. ANM provides the client with the best of the facilities and the resources possible.

For a better control of the project management, client's own coordinator can be deployed at our development centre. An Account manager /coordinator can also be provided at onsite location for periodic co-ordination activites with the client.

ANM Managed

ANM manages the resources, infrastructure, projects and deliverables for the client. ANM is responsible for tasks allocation and manages communication reviews with the Client.

All processes, including the development process, quality management systems and standards are provided by ANM. We also incorporate client's requirement for convenient and speedier development. An Account manager /coordinator is deployed to for periodic co-ordination activites with the client.

We undertake complete responsibility and deliver your assignment replete with adherence to timelines and milestones. All development standards and project management are in adherence to the requirements provided by the client during the project kick-off. ANM handles all the development, project management and delivery on a pre-determined fixed cost/time basis. During this entire phase our Account managers/ coordinators update you with the progress of the project and take necessary approvals for moving forward. This model offers customers a low-risk option and can be employed when the scope and specifications of the project are clear. ANM guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

Why ANM Offshore Development Services?

Some of the reasons why ANM can act as your complete offshore development center are:

Skilled Professionals

All ANM software engineers are graduates from leading engineering institutes. They have rich global industry experience and excellent communication skills. Our senior team members have years of experience in various roles such as project leaders, project managers and software engineers.

Comprehending Customer Needs

Each Outsourcing assignment is managed by a Project Manager and a dedicated Account Manager who understands technology and can identify and deliver your specific technical-resources requirement quickly. Since ANM staffs your projects with our own employees, we have an accurate assessment of their skills and capabilities. This enables us to provide you with accurate mix of resources quickly to adhere to your Delivery and Budgetary schedules

Maintaining State-of-the-Art Skills

Our core competency lies in maintaining a pool of extensively trained and experienced professionals with the latest technology skill sets. ANM's HR Cell ensures that every individual's skill set meet customers' technical and non-technical needs. Our strong presence along with the diverse skill sets that cover all the areas of technology implementation, allow us to deploy teams that fit the precise needs of a project.

Completely Managed Teams

The project teams for the customer are deployed with a single dedicated point of contact for the customer - the Project Manager. A typical ANM project team would consist of a Project Manager, Business Analyst (s), Information Architects, Project Leaders, and several software developers and QA engineers. The size and structure of the team may depend on client requirements and phase of the project being executed. For all customer and interfacing roles, the Accounts Manager is the prime contact on the project
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