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ANMsoft is focused on ensuring success for its clients. One of the key components of success is customers. ANMsoft team has extensive experience in understanding the way customers behave and what they seek. The team works in tandem with the clients marketing strategies and business vision to present them in a manner which helps the customer to connect and go to the next level.

The team works on the online mechanism to attract potential customers through various mechanisms and works with the technology to create the methods needed to continuously engage the customer and give him / her an always new and exciting experience.

Our marketing services helps your business to enjoy the benefits of a global appeal and be noticed at the right time on a right platform. We facilitate your reach to customers on both the online and the offline mode. With our marketing services, we can help you launch your idea and enable thousands of people to see it. ANMsoft understands what your customers mean to you, and therefore offer flexible solutions that creates customer loyalty.

We provide a range of marketing services which helps you gr\w, through various modes. It features -

  • Online Affiliate Marketing - to help you advertise online through text image campaigns, geo based campaigns, personalized campaigns targeting features like age and income. We promote your product in collaboration with leading publishers all over the globe. Online marketing team deals with the planning, pricing, promotion and distribution of your products and services online.
  • Online SEM and Banner Ads campaigns - to target the right customers and bring him / her to the site for further action.
  • Online SEO, Social Media - o offer you assistance by building facebook applications for your product, help you connect to your customers in a community through websites like Twitter and Orkut.
  • Online PR, Reputation Management - we help you for an online press release is a fast and a credible way to communicate about your business to your potential clients and create awareness about your brand.
  • Email/Mobile Database Marketing - we assist you in providing the e-mail and mobile marketing to help you reach out to your users in their busy lives and on- the-move lifestyles in a non-intrusive way.
  • Client Management - We aim at engaging your customers with you, by providing them not only solutions but feasible solutions. We help your clients take back home not just the experience about the brand but benefits along with your brand such as exclusive offers through drop in mails, online vouchers for your family, flexible payment models, special festive promotions, offering memberships, gift cards and discount cards to your customers.
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