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ANMsoft has a well-defined mature testing cycle. ANMsoft acts as a consultant, test engineer, systems integrator and turnkey testing solution provider.

Software can be tested at various stages of development and with various degree of rigour. From an economics point of view, the level of testing appropriate to a particular organization and software application will depend on the potential consequences of undetected bugs. Such consequences can range from a minor inconvenience of having to find a wok-round for a bug to multiple deaths. Often overlooked by software developers (but not customers), is the long term damage to the credibility of an organization which delivers software to users with bugs in it, and resulting negative impact on future business. Conversely, a reputation for reliable software will help an organization to obtain future business. The failure or malfunctioning of mission-critical software may result in financial damages and missed targets. It has become necessary to carry out Independent Testing as the reliability and quality demands of software/systems have increased and also to increase the confidence level in the system.
We help minimize defects in your application development and maintenance by verifying the accuracy of your application against a given set of business requirements. We formulate test strategy, test planning, execution, and defect analysis & risk assessment. We will work very closely with the development teams to understand and validate requirements and come up with a high level test strategy that would include scope of testing, types of testing required, test environment requirements, key milestones, defect management plan etc. Based on the study, we will prepare a detailed test plan discussing effort estimation, timelines, resource loading etc. Once unit testing is completed by development team, our team will apply certain criteria as defined in the test strategy before accepting the load for further testing. Once the load is accepted, we will execute integration testing, system testing, regression tests and non-functional testing like performance, load, and usability testing, if applicable. Reports will be generated to monitor the schedules, quality and risk.
Test Engineers at ANMsoft have a "test to break" attitude, they take point of view of the customer, have a strong desire for quality and an attention to detail. We have an ability to communicate well with both technical and non-technical people and maintain a cooperative relationship with developers. We have people from varied domain expertise which helps in providing a deeper understanding of the software development process. Our test engineers have exposure to all the stages of the SDLC and have worked extensively on test automation. By automating testing activity, we can reduce the time taken for testing.
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