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ANM is a leading service provider of Banking and Financial Solutions. ANM resources have over 150 man years of experience in developing and implementing leading edge Banking and Financial solutions for Global clients. Based on this vast repeotoire of knowledge ANM has developed ANM Area of Excllence in the Banking and Financial Domain. As an ongoing process, ANM is developing new expertise and creating new areas of Excellence so as to offer its clients a complete and comprehensive service.

The ANM team has very Strong Domain Knowledges and expertise in providing services, focused on enabling organizations; banks and financial institutions to fulfill their technological needs in the following areas


Loan origination and Leasing system


Transaction Switchings


Internet Banking


Retail Banking software


Credit, Debit and Smart Card Management System


POS Acquiring and Terminal Devise Management.

In addition ANM is involved with various banks and financial institutions for developing critical components and providing resources for ad hoc development.

With a high level of Banking and Financial Domain Expertise supported by hand picked team from the leading technical and management education institutes of India, ANM has developed experience and Technological Expertise in the area of open software development for high-end mission critical solutions that are robust, scalable and fault tolerant – the quintessential elements of enterprise Banking.

ANM resources have worked with a number of international clients in the above mentioned areas and have been instrumental in developing products and services to meet business and technology requirements. This effort has been ably supported by a world class infrastructure in present in India, USA and Singapore.

The ANM team believes in offering a high level of service and satisfaction to its clients whether based locally or internationally and hence has developed specialized offering and interaction models which can applied globally to meet the diverse needs of its Domestic and International clients

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