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Through technological advancement in e-commerce, people have been facing major changes in every term. People have learned to grow and adapt to changes finally, though earlier it wasn’t easy as same as today. No one had ever thought people will turn down using physical keyboards to screen touch, but yes the truth is they did. Gradually people have adapted to this change and others; e-commerce service on various platforms is one of them.

Mentioned below some are of the latest e-commerce technologies and trends which have been already implemented and some are in the process of implementation currently.

Storefront Digitizing
In today’s digitized world, e-commerce web stores are getting a great response from all over the world; therefore it becomes important to provide customers with innovative and customized experiences by considering their interests. Memory mirror has become one of the greatest and most impactful inventions which could give customers a phenomenal virtual mirror experience. Few businesses like eBay, Walmart, and others have already started to implement storefront digitizing. When any customer sees themselves in the virtual mirror, they could visualize how they would look in any outfit which is available virtually in the store just by clicking on it. The virtual mirror will store all the information related to customers’ choices. Customers don’t need to wear again and again all the selected clothes so customers’ time is saved and at the same time given a great shopping experience.

  • Chatbots
    With the automation of machine learning and big data technology, Chatbots have gained a tremendous triumph in terms of higher speed while giving an immediate response to contextual awareness so as to boost e-commerce business. Bots act more friendly rather than someone who is in this business world acting formally. People will witness a conversion-based experience instead of a less text-based navigational experience while obtaining any information.
  • Beacon Technology
    In 2006, Nokia owned this beacon technology, but now, it is marketed by Bluetooth Special Interest Group. It is a kind of technology that connects all devices via Bluetooth Low Energy up to 50 meters. Customers receive current deals and offer or a lot of things related to product promotion when they enter any particular zone. For this, the device needs to be connected to each other that termed ‘Beacons’ connectivity.
  • Direct Social Media Purchase
    The number of online users has been increasing on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook day-by-day. These social media websites have already taken a great move, and successfully generated sales and revenues over 60%. Social media website offers customers a direct click “Buy Now” from any website’s page in which they will be landed to online payment directly.
  • Augmented Reality Devices
    Most people want to decorate their home, but they don’t have any idea of choosing the materials; that is best and look great on their center table, walls, sofas, and shelf. By using the virtual objects whichever may be available on the website one can have a 3D experience of choosing the virtual items by augmenting the real objects. The same goes for online dress shopping. It helps customers in taking wise decisions before making any purchase. Accordingly, returning of products will be reduced while providing them with the best shopping experience.
  • Voice Assistants
    This voice-activated and innovative web technology listens to the customer’s voice commands and performs the tasks such as search, purchasing, and helping accordingly. Amazon’s Echo Alexa and China’s WeChat are instances of voice assistants.