One Stop Travel Solutions

Excellent Service while controlling costs

Turn your routine services into exceptional experiences while also minimizing Operational cost by investing in an online booking portal, mobile operation's management & interactive applications

Creating opportunities

Cross sell your products to your end users with ANMsoft Enterprise suite. Have access to variety of value-added services & thus creating a customer centric business model

Make Smart Decisions

With extensive & customizable reports, you can have access to Operations & Financial Reports which will eventually help you to make smart decisions and plan your day to day activities more efficiently

Travel Agency Solutions

The experience you deliver to your end users- right from travel planning to booking to review and feedback management is what keeps your end users keep coming back. The experience you deliver to your guests is what keeps them coming back. End users have saved up and taken time off to have a memorable travel experience and hence they deserve overall unforgettable travel experience.

ANMsoft Enterprise Suite for Travel is a holistic one stop travel booking system offering customizable end-to-end travel solutions for both domestic and international needs. This Enterprise suite helps your end users right from their travel planning, to booking to modifying their travel plan and providing travel advisory services. From domestic and international air reservation to hotel bookings to Packages (both Static & Dynamic) to Car Rentals/Transfers to Insurance, this enterprise suite meets unique requirement of every traveler and offers several value-added services & benefits.

Key Features

Key Features

Front Office
  • Fare Management
    • Private Fares
  • Price & Margin Management
  • Search & Display
  • Booking Process
  • Payment Process
  • Content Browsing & Creation
    • Destination Content
    • Blogs, RSS feeds
    • Maps
    • Reviews & Ratings
Back Office
  • Business Process Workflow
  • Order Processing & Fulfillment
  • Accounting, Invoicing & Settlement
  • Affiliates, Agencies & Corporate Setup
  • Inventory, Fares & Suppliers Connectivity
  • Products & Packages Configuration
  • Payment Gateway Configuration
  • Role based user login & authentication
  • Content Management
  • Reporting
    • Business View
    • MIS & Analytics
Customer Relationship Management
  • Promote
    • Promotion & Cross Selling
    • Sales & Lead Generation
    • Loyalty
    • Campaign Tracking
  • Self Service
    • User Personalization
    • Order Tracking
  • Customer Support
    • Helpdesk
    • Live Chat
    • Email & SMS alert