Properties Management System

Properties Management System

Increase your "look to book" ratio on your hotel's website using ANMsoft’s Hotel Booking Portal. With over 10+ years of experience in Travel & Hospitality Industry, we have ensured that our Booking Portal is user-friendly, fast and easy to use with intuitive design.

The ANMsoft’s Hospitality product suite is an intelligent, flexible, and robust platform that brings together Consolidators, Online Portals (OTAs), Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, & Travel and Destination Management Companies and their distribution partners. This real-time web-based platform can support the most complex merchandising strategies, giving travel buyers the ability to shop, price, book and pay for their lodging across the globe via multiple payment gateways, on virtually all devices.

With Anmsoft’s Hospitality Product suite Single hotel or a chain of hotels can have access to their own booking system and create their own hotel network. ANMsoft’s Hotel Booking Portal works for all types of Properties- Hotels, Motels, hostels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Bungalows & Villas.

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Hotel Inventory Management:

Create & Define Master level attributes

Assign Location level attribute

Manage Price

Agents Registration

Manage Agents

Apply Mark-Up’s & Discounts

Manage Inventory

Run Promotions

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