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There is a loud hullabaloo about digital marketing services and web presence. But amid this clamor, many companies are missing out on some of the basic keys to why obsolete social media marketing strategies are not working out. Here are some of the reasons which may lead to the websites not converting:

  • Inadequate SEO research and analysis:
    Optimal SEO research is the key to an active digital marketing strategy. Crawlers in web search engines look for pages containing the typed-in keywords in the search bar before displaying the search results. The more appropriate the keyword selection, the more prompt will be the appearance of your page when a user looks for the content of that specific kind. It is also very important to have a fair idea of the data consumption patterns and the search behavior of the target customers at large. It is only in such an environment that proper research can take place.
  • Inappropriate or Low-quality Content:
    When the content on the website is irrelevant, inadequate, or below par in quality, it is bound to dissuade users from visiting it, let alone converting prospective clients into real ones. Thus it is very important to avoid inappropriate or low-quality content on web pages.
  • Displeasing or unattractive themes:
    The color scheme and theme should be in sync with the line of business. Awkward color combinations or bizarre themes can drive away visitors. Also, they are not able to establish a psychological or visual association with the actual line of business that the website promotes.
  • Inadequate or misleading information:
    It is very important to convey sufficient information along the right lines about the products, to the users. Lack of product understanding or negligible arousal of interest can become one of the vital causes for the websites not being able to convert into deliverables.
  • Faulty coding and repeated bugs:
    Faulty coding of the website can lead to improper functioning of the website. In such a scenario the visitors may face uncalled-for problems which discourage them to visit the site again or gathering product-related information. The website owner thus clearly loses on a prospective buyer.
  • Feeble back-end support:
    Feeble back-end support can be one of the big causes for the website not converting. When the back-end support is weak, customer relationship management is hampered. Resultantly, the organization is not able to trace the data consumption, purchasing, and search patterns of the web surfers. In such a scenario there is a huge loss of prospective present or future buyers.
  • Proper contact information not provided:
    If the website that a company develops does not provide proper contact information, there is a huge chance of the probable customers going out of reach of the concerned business as they are not able to reach the firm within time. Competition is fierce and there are many who can serve better.
  • Use of slow servers:
    A slow server can be one of the biggest detractors for potential visitors and buyers. It is very important to have optimally speed-ed up servers to easily access the websites. The web audience is impatient and spoilt with choices. It is safer to offer them the best.